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Instructions For Authors



The language of publication is English. Authors for whom English is a second language may choose to have their manuscript professionally edited before submission to improve the English

Format and Font

Text should be typed, using Arial at 12 font and be double spaced throughout with left and right margins of 2.5 cm.

Guidance for the length of articles is as follows: book reviews, 450 words; letters, 450 words; short communication, 800 words; editorials (including references), 1000 words; case reports, 1500 words; special articles, 2000 words; viewpoint, 2000 words; original articles and reviews (including abstract and references), 2500 words.

Abbreviations, Symbols and Nomenclatur

Use only standard abbreviations (Vancouver System). All units will be metric. Use no roman numerals in the text. Avoid abbreviations in the title. The full term for which an abbreviation stands should precede its first use in the text unless it is a standard unit of measurement.


All papers submitted to MEDINFORM Journal should include: title page, abstract, main text, references and tables, figures, figure legends and conflict of interest statement where appropriate. Manuscripts must conform to the journal style. Manuscripts not complying with the journal format will be returned to the author(s).

Title Page

Should be part of the manuscript document uploaded for review and include: The title of the article, a running title of no more than 50 letters and spaces, 3-5 keywords, complete names and institution for each author, corresponding author’s name, address, email address and fax number.


is limited to 250 words in length and should contain no abbreviations.


Each manuscript should have 3-7 keywords.

Main Text of Original Articles

Usually should be divided into introduction, material and methods, results and discussion (see below).

Body of the Manuscript

The body of the manuscript must be organized into a format appropriate for the type of article using bold headings as listed in the following table:

Materials & MethodsMaterials & MethodsReview ResultsCase DescriptionTechnique


Responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of references rests entirely with the authors. References will not be checked in detail by the Editors but papers in which errors are detected are unlikely to be accepted.

References are required to be numbered consecutively in the order of appearance in the text, and should be kept to a pertinent minimum. Identify references in the text by Arabic numbers in parentheses such as (1), (2,3), and (1,3,4-8).. Cite the names of all authors when there are 3 or fewer; when seven or more list the first six followed by et al. Submissions which do not adhere to these stylistic requirements will be returned for revision. Abbreviations of journals need to conform to those of Index Medicus s.

Manuscript accepted but not published may be cited in the reference list by placing “(in press)” after the abbreviated title of the journal. Manuscripts written in languages other than English should be limited. Cite unpublished work as such in the text. Personal communication should be acknowledged in the text and accompanied by written permission. Please find below some examples:

Journal article
Sacco R, Bertini M, Bresci G, et al. Entecavir for hepatitis B virus flare treatment in patients with Crohn’s disease. Hepatogastroenterology 2010;57:242–245.

Online article not yet published in an issue
Butterly SJ, Pillans P, Horn B et al. Off-label use of rituximab in a tertiary Queensland hospital. Intern Med J doi: 10.1111/j.1445-5994.2009.01988.x

Krasteva A, Kalvachev Z, Kisselova A. Virus infections in oral medicine (In Bulgarian). Publisher: Medinform 2014 book.

Chapter in a Book
Dencheva M, Kisselova A, Krasteva A, et al. Chapter: Focal Dental Diagnostic in Patients with Replaced Renal Function – One New Method in Dentistry. In: Hemodialysis – Different Aspects. Publisher: InTech 2011.

PhD Thesis
Filchev DA. Graphic and Computer Aligning of Posterior Teeth of Complete Dentures. PhD thesis. Sofia 2013

Figures and Legends

Photographs must be in color; in focus, free of distracting artifacts, and consistent in exposure. Place any required labels or arrows on image prior to uploading. Images must be at least 600 by 450 pixels (proportional height) in size when in landscape orientation with a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch.

Graphs should be approximately 500 pixels wide so that all labeling can be read with date points clearly visible. Substantially larger images must be avoided to prevent file transmission and electronic manuscript processing errors. Radiographs, drawings, and graphs can be in black and white but color images are preferred.

File names for images must be clearly labeled according to the order which they appear, (Figure 1, Figure 2 etc.). Images can only be submitted in TIFF, PSD and JPEG formats.

All images are to be placed in numerical order following the reference list and accompanied by a legend describing the content of the image.


Tables are placed in numerical order at the end of the manuscript following the list of figures. A legend is to accompany all tables and call outs are to be placed in the body of the text to indicate where the able is to be located in the article.

The tables function in Microsoft Word is to be used to create data tables rather than using columns of tabbed information. Example: Title page must be placed as the first page of the manuscript text file and should contain the following information:

Table 1 . Demographic characteristic of subjects, included in the study.

TestsNormal value
INR0,9- 1,1
Platelet count150 000-400 000/mm3
Bleeding time1-3 min
Prothrombin time11-15 sec
Thromboplastin time25-35 sec
Thrombin time15-20 sec


Under acknowledgements please specify contributors to the article other than the authors accredited. Acknowledge only persons who have made substantive contributions to the study. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission from everyone acknowledged by name because readers may infer their endorsement of the data and conclusions. See also above under Ethical Guidelines.

Conflict of Interest Statement

All sources of institutional, private and corporate financial support for the work within the manuscript must be fully acknowledged, and any potential grant holders should be listed. Please see Conflicts of Interest for generally accepted definitions on conflict of interest? See also above under Ethical Guidelines.


MedInform is an international journal that publishes papers, letters, book reviews and news items. The aim of the MedInform is to publish manuscripts of high scientific quality representing original clinical, diagnostic or experimental work in general medicine, dental medicine, oral pathology and oral medicine. Papers advancing the science or practice of these disciplines will be welcomed, especially those which bring new knowledge and observations from the application of techniques within the spheres of light and electron microscopy, tissue and organ culture, immunology, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry, microbiology, genetics and biochemistry.