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Information For Authors

MedInform is an international journal that publishes papers, letters, book reviews and news items. Papers are reviewed and are checked for accuracy. More information about these processes can be found by clicking on the links below. To access detailed author guidelines, please click on the article type of interest.

In MedInform Journal can be publish:

  • Primary Research
  • Literature Reviews
  • Case Reports
  • Clinical Techniques
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book review

Covering letter

Each manuscript should be accompanied by a covering letter which includes statements concerning authorship and informed consent (see above); confirms that the contents of the manuscript have not been published or are not being submitted for publication elsewhere, and by a disclosure of financial interests or other dual commitments that represent potential conflicts of interest for any of the authors. The name, full mailing address, telephone, fax number and e-mail address of the author responsible for correspondence on the paper, as well as the signatures of all authors should be included. Unless otherwise requested by the corresponding author, his or her fax number and e-mail address will be published.

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Ethical responsibilities

The Methods section must include a statement confirming review of the study by the appropriate local Ethics Committee or Institutional Review Board, and indicating that material relating to human investigations and animal experiments conforms to standards currently applied in the country where the study is based. Where appropriate, this statement should also indicate the procedure used to ensure adherence to ethical guidelines on informed consent and should affirm that such consent was obtained. Written consent must be obtained from the patient, legal guardian or executor for publication of any details or photographs that may identify an individual. Evidence of such consent must be submitted with the manuscript. The Journal reserves the right not to publish an article on the grounds that ethical or experimental standards have not been reached.


All manuscripts reaching the office of the Editor will be acknowledged, and at the conclusion of the review procedure, the author(s) will be notified of acceptance, rejection or the need for revision of the paper. The decision of the editorial board is final with regards to rejected articles. Rejected articles will not be returned to the authors.

The editorial-subcommittee has the right to return sub-standard manuscripts to the authors, rather than passing them on to the reviewers. This implies outright rejection of the manuscript.


MedInform is an international journal that publishes papers, letters, book reviews and news items. The aim of the MedInform is to publish manuscripts of high scientific quality representing original clinical, diagnostic or experimental work in general medicine, dental medicine, oral pathology and oral medicine. Papers advancing the science or practice of these disciplines will be welcomed, especially those which bring new knowledge and observations from the application of techniques within the spheres of light and electron microscopy, tissue and organ culture, immunology, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry, microbiology, genetics and biochemistry.