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Issue Four 2015

2015, Vol. 2, issue 4, (December)

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Pages: 300-369
Date of close: 2015/12/15

Original Article

A study on the relationship between the resorption of upper and lower deciduous canines in patients with impacted permanent canines


Delayed eruption of deciduous teeth and continuous formation of the roots of permanent upper canines frequently lead to an altered eruption path of the canines and their palatal impaction.
The aim of the present paper was to examine the relationship between deciduous canines’ resorption and the eruption of permanent ones in patients with impacted canines. The patients under study were divided into two groups. In the clinical group, 196 panoramic radiographs were retrospectively examined, involving 98 patients with complete permanent dentition with presence of impacted permanent canines, with complete root development. In the control group, 182 panoramic radiographs were examined in the period of dentition formation, comprising 70 patients with all permanent teeth erupted, with complete root development. In order to determine the extent of resorption of persistent upper temporary canines, Tagychi’s methodology was applied, modified by the researchers of this study.
Monitoring teeth eruption and reporting deviations in the resorption of temporary teeth were seen as preventive steps with great importance for the impaction of permanent canines. Where there was impaction tendency for upper and lower canines from the beginning of late mixed dentition the study reported delayed resorption of upper temporary canines, persistent lower temporary canines as well as eruption deviation in permanent canines, which were all absent in a normally developing dentition.


Hristina Arnautska; Department of Prosthetic Dental Medicine and Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University Varna;

Corresponding Author:

Dr. Hristina Arnautska, D.M.Sc.; Department of PDM and Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, MU – Varna; 84 Tsar Osvoboditel Street Varna, Bulgaria; +359877599675 ; Email this author