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Issue One 2018

2018, Vol. 5 issue 1, (January)

Publisher: Medinform LTD
ISSN: 2367-6795
Pages: 696-742
Date of close: 2018/04/02

Original Article

Leadership competencies in healthcare


Marketing of hospital services is among the main priorities of healthcare managers. A number of healthcare establishments, however, still lack a marketing department.


The paper analyzes data from a survey carried out among 100 medical specialists and employees at Medical Complex Doverie in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Results show that the management of a healthcare establishment requires a high level of competence of the healthcare manager in every field. It requires in-depth knowledge, broad-mindedness, as well as wide general knowledge.


Valchin Garov; Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment “Doverie”;
Svetoslav Garov; Faculty of Public Health, Medical University of Sofia;
Dimitar Gugutkov; Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment “Doverie”;

Corresponding Author:

Dr. Valchin Garov; MD, PhD, Director of Multi-Profile Hospital “Doverie”; 1632 Sofia, district Ovcha Kupel 2, 2 Friedrich Grunanger Str.; Email this author