Journal of Medical and Dental Practice

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Issue One 2018

2018, Vol. 5 issue 1, (January)

Publisher: Medinform LTD
ISSN: 2367-6795
Pages: 696-742
Date of close: 2018/04/02

Original Article

Problems in making the decision to carry an extramarital pregnancy to term


This paper analyzes the data from a survey carried out among 216 women who gave birth in three hospitals in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria.


The study of risk factors related to the family environment of single mothers is of extreme importance. They are directly correlated to the social aims and orientations of the mother’s family and its microclimate.


Dimitar Gugutkov; Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment “Doverie”;
Svetoslav Garov; Faculty of Public Health, Medical University of Sofia;
Valchin Garov; Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment “Doverie”;

Corresponding Author:

Dr. Dimitar Gugutkov; MD, PhD, Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment “Doverie”; 1632 Sofia, district Ovcha Kupel 2, 2 Friedrich Grunanger Str; Email this author