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Issue One 2021

2021, Vol. 8, issue 1, (April)

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Pages: 1269-1284
Date of close: 2021/04/03

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The art and future of digital dentistry


The Digital Dentistry Market is driven by factors, such as achievement of higher capability for efficient care, delivered by various dentists across the globe. The increasing demand for better dentistry and for better aesthetic outcomes is a significant market trend. As the technology improves, modern units and systems are offered and vendors are working on extending core technologies to new applications and responding to emerging standards, business models, service delivery methods and other technological changes.

Current systems can help the clinician to provide smile designs that consider patients’, sense of identity and self-esteem. Today, the use of new digital technologies can improve the communication process between specialists. Increasingly in frequency and comprehensive use of intraoral scanners and fast online exchange of data turned the conventional dental laboratory into a Virtual lab. The pre-visualisation of the final result can be a motivational key, not only to start the treatment, but also to keep the patient involved through out the process.

Combining modern digital technologies with the classic treatment rules can be used to achieve predictable esthetic results. Digital concepts, which can be applied very rapidly, can help the dentist and dental technician to achieve this goal in the most simplistic, practical and personalized way.


Georgi Iliev; Department of Prosthetic dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University of Sofia;

Corresponding Author:

Georgi Veselinov Iliev; Department of Prosthetic Dentistry Faculty of Dental Medicine Medical University of Sofia; 1 St.Georgi Sofiiski str. 1431 Sofia, Bulgaria; Email this author