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Issue Two 2019

2019, Vol. 6 issue 2, (October)

Publisher: Medinform LTD
ISSN: 2367-6795
Pages: 1017-1064
Date of close: 2019/10/04

Case Reports

Infectious mononucleosis in clinical practice


Infectious mononucleosis (glandular fever) is a viral disease that occurs with tonsillitis and lymph node syndrome, together with characteristic changes in the hemogram. Laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis is most frequently performed by serological analysis aimed to detect specific IgM antibodies to the EBV capsid antigen (anti EBV VCA IgM). Not infrequently does it happen to not be identified on time in the clinical practice, which leads to the disease being diagnosed with delay usually after having conducted one or more antibiotic courses. The delay in diagnosis is most often attributed to the lack of consideration of a possible viral cause of tonsillitis in the differential diagnosis and the “blind” prescribing of antimicrobial therapy without carrying out routine laboratory tests (complete blood count, white blood cell differential count) and a throat swab culture.


Аneliya Gotseva; Laboratory of Virology, General Hospital “Uni Hospital”;
Vera Ilchova; Children's department, General Hospital “Uni Hospital”;
Emiliya Badalanova; Emergency department, General Hospital “Uni Hospital”;

Corresponding Author:

Аnelia Gotseva; Laboratory of Virology, General Hospital “Uni Hospital”; Email this author