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Issue Two 2020

2020, Vol. 7, issue 2, (December)

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Pages: 1190-1268
Date of close: 2020/12/20

Original Article

Treatment of class II division I patients using intermaxillary elastics


Objective The objective of this study is to assess the cephalometric outcome of the application of intermaxillary elastics in class II division I patients.

Materials and methods  The investigation comprised a sample of 16 patients with class II division 1 malocclusion treated nonextraction with fixed technique and intermaxillary elastics. Lateral cephalograms were taken before applying class II intermaxillary elastics and after reaching class I molar relationship We analyzed angular measurements for the anteroposterior position of the jaws (SNA, SNB, ANB angles) and the inclination of the occlusal plane in relation to the sella-nasion(SN) plane.

Results The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Version 25 (2017) and Minitab Version 18.1 (2017) were used to analyze the data. The extent of the change in the SNA, ANB, SNB, and OcP/SN values before and after the treatment was examined through paired-samples t-tests. The results showed a significant reduction in the mean SNA angle (79.56°±3.94 before vs. 78.43°±3.89 after, p = 0.012) and in the mean ANB angle (4.31°±1.87 before vs. 3.37°±1.23 after, p = 0.009). A significant increase was observed in the OcP/SN angle (14.25°±4.46 before vs. 16.0°±3.86 after, p = 0.008). The increase in the SNB angle was not significant (76.22°±3.55 before vs. 76.32°±3.59 after, p = 0.068).

Conclusion The orthodontic treatment was found effective in reducing the SNA and ANB angles and in increasing the OcP/SN angle.


Konstantin Georgiev; Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
Silviya Krasteva; Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University Plovdiv, Bulgaria;

Corresponding Author:

Dr Konstantin Georgiev; Faculty of Dental medicine; Blvd Hristo Botev 3, Plovdiv; Email this author