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Issue One 2019

2019, Vol. 6 issue 1, (April)

Publisher: Medinform LTD
ISSN: 2367-6795
Pages: 937-1000
Date of close: 2019/05/30

Original Article

Questionnaire survey of removable prosthetic treatment in children


Prosthetic treatment with removable prosthesis is necessary in cases of genetic and hereditary diseases, multiple caries and severe traumas in order to restore effective chewing and speech function, to achieve acceptable appearance and to ensure unimpeded development of the oral structures and the whole organism. The purpose of the study is to investigate the use of removable prosthetic treatment in children in the daily practice of dentist in Bulgaria. Material and methods: A source of information is a specially designed questionnaire. 767 doctors from all over the country are subjected to the research. The results are statistically processed using the methods of variation, comparison and correlation analysis. Results: Of all respondents, only 0.4% indicated that they use/ or used total dentures in children, and 4.2% note that they are using partial prostheses as a means of restoring of the disturbances. Conclusion: Partial and total edentulism is a rare problem in young patients, which also determines the sporadic use of removable prostheses in daily practice by dental practitioners.


Desislava Dimitrova; Dental Clinic “Edinstvo”, Sofia, Bulgaria;

Corresponding Author:

Desislava Dimitrova; Dental Clinic “Edinstvo”, Sofia, Bulgaria; Email this author