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Issue One 2020

2020, Vol. 7, issue 1, (January)

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ISSN: 2367-6795
Pages: 1065-1189
Date of close: 2020/04/14

Original Article

Caries Prevalence in Children with Down Syndrome


Down syndrome is a chromosome anomaly, which is a result of trisomy of chromosome 21. The aim of this study is to compare the distribution of dental caries among the children with Down syndrome and healthy children.  As means of this study we have examined 60 children with Down syndrome and 60 healthy children, using the DMFT index. The results show the group with Down syndrome have a tendency for a lower DMFT index and fewer caries lesions, compared to the control group. In 79% of the patients with Down syndrome there is no detectible caries, compared to 40% in the control group. The lower DMFT index could be a result from retarded eruption of primary and permanent teeth, diastemas, hypodontia of permanent teeth, premature exfoliation, as well as maintaining a diet, which includes less cariogenic foods and drinks.


Radosveta Andreeva; Faculty of dental medicine, Medical University Varna, Bulgaria;

Corresponding Author:

Assoc. Prof. Radosveta Andreeva; Bul. Tsar Osvoboditel 84, Varna, Bulgaria; +359899885279; Email this author