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Issue One 2020

2020, Vol. 7, issue 1, (January)

Publisher: Medinform LTD
ISSN: 2367-6795
Pages: 1065-1189
Date of close: 2020/04/14

Case Reports

Laser gingivectomy in orthodontic treated patient


Background: Gingival enlargement is a common feature of gingival diseases. The treatment of gingival enlargement is based on the understanding of the etiology and pathology of this condition and can be treated by gingivectomy approach. The use of diode lasers in gingivectomy procedure reduces the level of postoperative hazards and facilitate the healing process after this manipulation. The literature survey reports that this technique shows good results, less postoperative inflammation and less postoperative pain and improved healing result in the surgical sites.


Purpose: The aim of this case report is to present the satisfied aesthetic outcome of laser gingivectomy approach and less postoperative pain and inflammation in postsurgical healing period.


Material and methods: A laser gingivectomy is performed in young orthodontic treated patient for removing gingival enlargements in the zone of interdental gingival tissues in both jaws – on vestibular sites of maxilla and mandibula.


Results: The laser gingivectomy, using diode laser, resulted in fast wound healing, with experience of some postsurgical discomfort and no postoperative bleeding.


Conclusion: The performed laser gingivectomy presents satisfactory aesthetic outcome, fast healing process and reduced postoperative discomfort.


Iva Yordanova; Faculty of Dental Medicine. Varna, Bulgaria;
Svetlana Dineva; Faculty of Dental Medicine. Varna, Bulgaria;

Corresponding Author:

Dr. Svetlana Dineva; Periodontology and dental implantology, Faculty of Dental Medicine Varna; Email this author