Bulgarian Association of
Oral Medicine

Non-Profit Organization

First Official Meeting of BAOM

First meeting of the Bulgarian Association of Oral Medicine was held on 29th May 2015 at the Hilton Hotel, Sofia. It was attended by most of the founders of the organization and many guests – honorary members, specialists, working on the problems of Oral Medicine, and representatives of the Faculties of Dental Medicine in Sofia and Varna.

The meeting was opened by Prof. Dr. Angelina Kisselova and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Assya Krasteva. They presented the development of Oral Medicine and Diagnostics in Bulgaria and outlined the main goals and objectives of the association. They also thanked all who have contributed to the implementation of BAOM.

Acad. Prof. Dr. Popov, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peev, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kolarov, Assoc. Prof. Dr Panov, Assoc. Prof. Dr Dencheva, Prof. Dr Obreshkova , Prof. Dr Kalvachev, Dr Ljanina, Assoc. Prof. Dr Bolyarova congratulated the members of BAOM for the realization of the excellent idea and wished success to the organization. Other guests also wished good luck to the venture.





Bulgarian Association of Oral Medicine is non-profit organization aimed at contributing to the development of Oral Medicine in Bulgaria, creating conditions for adoption